Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Coffee Trees

This series was created during the winter of 2009.

I'd like to tell you how this run began. It was a coincidence back in January that a picture formed in my almost empty coffee cup. I snapped a photo because I loved the image I saw there, like winter trees in a morning sky. When I started painting weeks later, I remembered the way the grounds were separated by tiny rivulets of water, and I spent some happy days trying to make oil paint, terp, and stray materials flow in ways that evoked trees, lichens, and winter vegetation. I began to include pieces of mistletoe and other plants in the printing as well as stray studio items. Browns turned to greens as my thoughts turned to spring.

They are all oil paint on Yupo in a spectrum from brush strokes and poured paint to monotypes.

Flow Tree, 13 x 13", 2009

Companions, 13 x 13", 2009

Serengeti, 13x13", 2009

Many Grasses Make a Tree, 13x13" 2009

Flowers from Honey, 13x13", 2009

Lichen Home, 13x13", 2009

Inland Sea Oats, 13x13", 2009

Postcard, 1953 Tour, 13x13", 2009

Postcard, Summer 1947, 13x13" 2009

Ferns in Amber, 13x13" 2009

Amazon, 13x13" 2009

Train, 13x13", 2009

Ancient Bugs, 13x13" 2009